Raven Warrior

Summer, at the vast military base in 29 Palms, California. An irreversible moment in our Nation's History is about to take place. C-5’s, F-16's, WARTHOGS, TOMCATS, COBRA HELICOPTERS, and STEALTH’S roar up from the desert. Army tanks and infantry blaze at all hours on maneuvers in the vast, hot desert. It's hard to believe we are not at war. But deep within our military ranks, we are.

Though it's been seven years since the end of the Gulf War – known as the 100 HOUR WAR-The fastest and most clear cut victory in American history - ONLY NOW are the casualties starting to pile up. ONLY NOW, is the deadliest threat ever to National Security showing its ugly face? No, it is not a foreign enemy, but an enemy within. Before all our U.S. Military personnel are infected, diseased, or killed; before all our soldiers die, one by one. Only one man can stop it. And the most frightening thing of all?